Nano Personalized 304 SS Pendant

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Personalize it!

Our quality hand made nano personalized pendant take 3 to 5 days to make and shipping is about 3 days.  We have expedite shipping options at checkout.  

Customize your life story into a sparkling mini time capsule and we will send it to you in about a week.  Carry your personalized photo album.  You can put up to 30 photos but we recommend no more than 20 photos to allow photos to still be seen by naked eye. There are no other resolutions like this available on jewelry. This is a piece of jewelry that will guarantee to evoke a wow when you show them the tiny pictures.  Imagine the joy when your unique and meaningful gift brightens up someone you love.

The photos engraved in metal are virtually indestructible and will last through most disasters.  In the Pittsford store, this is the only jewelry line that carries a box of tissues.  Why?  Our customers cry when they tell their stories and knowing that their loved ones will forever be remembered on a NanoRosetta® medallion.

How do you view your time capsule?  For up to 20 images, they are viewable without aid.  Enhanced with an eye loupe, you can view with amazing details.  For even better details and for ease of sharing, we provide you with your very own online page easily accessible by an engraved QR code that would work on any smart mobile device or tablet.  Send us the photos electronically and we will archive them forever on your personalized medallion.

Each of our glittering personalized medallions are nano-engraved on metal and encased in high quality hand machined stainless steel covered with a watch crystal and will last for generations.  The metal will never tarnish and completely hypoallergenic.  They are truly nano-keepsakes.  Nano-engrave your very own time capsule and be remembered forever.  Our production process is currently limited as we work to grow our capacity.  They come in 3 coin sizes to carry, store, or even worn with accessories.  Or you can pick one of our 304L stainless steel designs.

To do each of the personalized pendants, it begins with your story.  You upload and arrange the images as you like and check out.  Since we are dealing with pictures that can too large for mobile devices to handle, we recommend a laptop or desktop when you design.  Once submitted, we set up a complex process beginning with rendering images into a proprietary format of over 6 billion pixels to fit in the size of a coin.  Each photo adds to the complexity.  We then apply a lithographic process to render the images that is the same for one or for 30 images.  We don't use a laser printing system off the shelf.  Our equipment takes up several rooms including a clean room.  Think microchip. The nano pixels are called diffractive elements and computed to provide the shifting colors of the rainbow.  Even the photos will color shift.

Etched onto elemental metal, the photos will last forever.  How do we know the medallions will last forever?  Los Alamos National Lab (you know, the one that developed the nuclear bomb), tested them under extreme conditions and extrapolated to last for over 10,000 years. The Rosetta stone uncovered in Egypt had 3 languages etched into it had lasted for several thousand years will probably be readable for next several thousand.  Imagine how rust proof archival metal will do.

For the first time and using technology not available anywhere else, you too can capture your story on a medallion the size of a coin.  Start your story now.

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Words matter and meaningful words evoke a strong emotional response for those who wear them.  We have helped thousands of people feel joy and comfort by helping them by nano engraving their most passionate texts and images in a meaningful piece of jewelry. One customer told us that she thought of technology as cold, but we have made it warm and reassuring. 

Sarah Ha Jewelry is powered by an advanced NanoRosetta® Technology to inscribe vast amounts of human readable texts and photos on a coin sized medallion as wearable technology.  View it with optics or scan the QR code and access all the inscriptions on your phone and tablet.

Small scale text and images are only possible through advanced computer chip technology.  However, our patented technology inscribes and embeds special meaning into every single piece of quality jewelry at an affordable price. 

We were awarded top 6 companies in the Think Tank competition at the world's largest jewelry show JCK in 2016 and the 4 patents earned the founder the Inventor of the Year nomination in Rochester NY.

You can see our jewelry on TV at HSN under the Michael Anthony Jewelry line.

We hope you too can feel the reassurance our unique jewelry (found nowhere else in the world) provides or give that special gift of comfort to someone you love.

We preserve legacies forever in a nano-format that can easily be stored, carried, or even worn.  Everyone has a story and collectively those stories make history and comprise a legacy for humanity.  We share those stories and find comfort in them.  We all have stories of our faith, our country, our heroes, our knowledge of math and science, our arts and music, our family and our love. 

At Sarah Ha Jewelry we want everyone to be able to find comfort and reassurance in their beliefs and support structure. They are what inspire us and allow us to overcome our challenges.  We strive to provide you with a meaningful reminder you can wear close to your heart while making the content as accessible as possible.

Our medallions are made from state of the art technology thousands of times faster and higher density than existing technologies. They are designed to withstand the wear of time and can be passed on for generations (as verified by an independent lab).  It's a keepsake and will be part of your heritage. Celebrate your story with a Sarah Ha jewelry.

At Sarah Ha we’re not only scientists, but we’re also artists. We created this unique technology to connect humanity’s incredible stories to each individual’s own heart. We want to touch every one in some way, which is why we preserve stories of faith, science and technology, art and music, history, and memorials. We preserve the history and legacies of yesterday, powered by the technology of tomorrow. Humans have so many fascinating stories to tell. Let us at Sarah Ha help you tell those stories forever.

Science and Technology

Pi to 7 million digits. To us as scientists it represents a challenge, to preserve what cannot be preserved. We want to conquer the transcendence and mathematical ubiquity of pi. Imagine that infinite vastness in an area the size of a penny. That’s what we want to do at Sarah Ha. Science is about exploration and discovery, and we want to preserve the path you explore and data that you record. Our unique nanotechnology gives us the power to preserve this data for you, forever. We aim to inspire you to keep searching where no one has ever dreamed of going. We live by this motto, and we hope that you will too.

Faith Based

With Sarah Ha, you can have the shield of your faith with you always. Carry God’s word with you and you will feel the protection and all encompassing power of faith fill you with warmth and love. This faith not only connects us to God, but also to each other. The juxtaposition of having something as small as a piece of jewelry contain and represent something so indescribably vast is what we live to do. We’re a small family at Sarah Ha, and we want to give you something that will connect you with your family and your faith.


How is it possible to withstand Father Time? Buildings crumble; cities are burned to the ground and destroyed while history is lost and carried away by the wind. At Sarah Ha we are not backing down from Father Time. Our medallions connect people with the past. We have preserved the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, two of the most important documents in U.S. history. These documents define our lives and connect all Americans to one another. They embody the enduring pride and strength that lives within all of us. We hope you will learn from the past with our team at Sarah Ha by keeping it with you always.


Find protection and comfort in our memorial jewelry, always. Memorials don’t have to be grandiose to be important. The people who sacrificed themselves for our country deserve to be remembered. At Sarah Ha, we want to connect you with these courageous people. Wear these memorials as a symbol of remembrance. Thank these brave men and women for allowing us to preserve all that we hold dear. By using nanotechnology to allow these memorials to fit onto a medallion that can be worn, the connection that we provide is unique to each individual.

Art and Music

Science is our art at Sarah Ha. We’re passionate about preserving art, but in a way that is unique and rings true to what we love. We are inspired to push past the boundaries of what is normal and create something that is unique. Shakespeare used a quill, paper, and a brilliant mind to craft some of the most unique and cherished written works of art in human history. Our tools are more modern, but we take inspiration from these past innovators, and have worked to build a new way to preserve and connect to their art. Our medallions and jewelry are our way of thanking the greatest artists in human history.


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